The Our Waiheke team are all residents and ratepayers of Waiheke.  They all share a concern that the “Super City” is not working for Waiheke and are volunteering their time and effort to explore alternatives governance arrangements.

John Meeuwsen

John Meeuwsen

As a member of the Waiheke Local Board John has close exposure to the way Auckland Council is functioning.  His ability to judge their effectiveness comes from 30 years experience in senior management and governance in a wide variety of institutions. John retired to Waiheke in 2011. Johns CV

Eric Millar

David Saul

David Saul has worked in science for the last thirty years and is the CSO of a biotech company. He is a twenty-year resident of Waiheke and during that time has seen a lot of changes – most for the better but he now feels it is time to let the people of the community take the reins again. “Our island couldn’t be more different than Auckland and that needs a different style of local government.”


Carolyn Eichler

I am currently at Auckland University doing my Masters in Science where I research language and brain asymmetry using functional magnetic resonance imaging. I also have a landscaping company on Waiheke and my spare time usually involves boating, diving and fishing around the Gulf.

Andy Spence

Andy Spence

I am sure that a Waiheke Council would revitalise democracy and achieve considerable cost savings.  Decisions made by local people in their locations are legitimate and relevant to our local conditions.  This is what I think of as the meaning of tangata whenua.”


Janet Salas

Janet worked overseas in adult education and training for 25 years and moved to Waiheke in 2009. She is active in the community and tutors for Waiheke Adult Learning. She believes that local government should be accountable, transparent and democratic.