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A lively public meeting at the Omiha Memorial Hall with 40 Rocky Bay residents on Sunday 17 May was the last in the current series of meetings the ‘Our Waiheke’ team has held on the island. Some 400 Waiheke residents have now taken part in meetings debating the pros and cons of establishing a Waiheke Council, overwhelmingly showing support for an independent council for Waiheke. Most questioners sought to clarify how it would work and most discussion focused on how to gain public support for the idea.

Our Waiheke newspaper out now
Over the next few days supporters of an independent council for Waiheke will be delivering the free Our Waiheke newspaper to all homes and businesses on the island. The newspaper will provide a lot of information including comparisons with 5 District Councils with a population similar to Waiheke’s and an estimate of our financial position.

The newspaper contains 2 cut-out petition forms which people can sign in support of the formation of a Waiheke Council. We encourage everyone in the household to complete the forms. More newspapers and petition forms can be obtained from the Our Waiheke team or supporters and will be made available around the island. People can also download the form from our website – www.ourwaiheke.co.nz.

Our Waiheke hopes to gain a strong indication of support for a separate council through this petition as part of its submission to the Local Government Commission, the body that makes all decisions on boundaries.

Our Waiheke recent internet survey:
375 people responded to the internet survey Our Waiheke conducted between 2nd and 5th May. The results show a significant level of support for change.

65% of respondents actually supported the idea of an independent Waiheke Council while only 16.8% were opposed to the idea.

Of the 279 who answered the question “Do you feel you are getting value for money with your rates?” 236 said no – 85%.
100 out of 347 people who responded to the question “Overall, are you satisfied with your experience of Auckland Council?” were either satisfied or neutral. That left 247 people, 70%, of whom were dissatisfied, including 99 – nearly 30% of the total – who were extremely dissatisfied.
The question: “How well do you feel that Auckland Council understands Waiheke’s needs?” was answered ”Not well at all” by 236 [76%] out of 346. Less than 10% answered “quite well” or “extremely well”.
And out of 344 Waihekeans who answered the question “Overall, are you satisfied with Auckland Transport’s performance?” 73.6% were dissatisfied to extremely dissatisfied. 103 of these were regular commuters to Auckland.