Our Waiheke Newspaper

Our Waiheke Petition

Our Waiheke is gathering a petition as part of the proposal to the LGC that we will be putting together. Our Waiheke volunteers have hand delivered the Our Waiheke newspaper with the petition inside to almost all houses on Waiheke.  However if you are not on Waiheke you can download the Online Petition here Or…

Auckland Council IT Budget BlowoutI

Auckland Council’s IT Budget Blowout

When we read about IT budgets blowing out from, say $70 million to $157 million, our minds boggle and we think we don’t know enough to understand. But according to the article, such blowouts in budgets for Enterprise Resource Planning (and other IT areas) are not uncommon, because often executives don’t know enough to understand:…


Waiheke gets the job done

Really interesting article in the Marketplace with a practical example of how people on Waiheke get involved and get the job done. While bureaucracy had racked up a bill of thousands of dollars before.  The people of Waiheke donated time and materials to build a helipad. The following article was written by Diana Worthy and…